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Modern Luxury Multi Circle Villa Large Crystal Chandelier

Modern Luxury Multi Circle Villa Large Crystal Chandelier

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Color Temperature:


    • Easy Assembly
    • Dimmable:Yes
    • Material: Metal/Crystal
    • Volts: 110 ~ 240V
    • Wattage:80 ~ 752W
    • Color Temperature: White, Warm White
    • Bulb Base: LED strip


        DIA Canopy Hanging Height
        1Rings 60cm 40cm 100cm
        80cm 40cm 100cm
        100cm 40cm 100cm
        3Rings 20+40+60cm 40cm 140cm
        30+50+70cm 40cm 140cm
        40+60+80cm 40cm 140cm
        50+70+90cm 40cm 140cm
        60+80+100cm 50cm 140cm
        70+90+110cm 50cm 140cm
        80+90+120cm 50cm 140cm
        4Rings 20+40+60+80cm 40cm 160cm
        30+50+70+90cm 40cm 160cm
        40+60+80+100cm 50cm 160cm
        50+70+90+110cm 50cm 160cm
        60+80+100+120cm 50cm 160cm
        5Rings 20+40+60+80+100cm 50cm 260cm
        30+50+70+90+110cm 50cm 260cm
        40+60+80+100+120cm 50cm 260cm
        6Rings 20+40+60+80
        50cm 320cm
        50cm 320cm

        Products accept customization

        Spiral chandelier can also be made into cone shape, if your requirement is different from the picture, please contact us!

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